#Disappoint, #ThanksObama

Have you ever spent a couple hours typing away at a piece for your online writing course, and then suddenly the window you were working in suddenly decides to close and you've lost all your work? Yeah, that just happened, right now..

What can I say, it's Murphy's Law.  But, I cannot hold my computer responsible.  It was, effectively, me who clumsily pushed buttons on the keyboard - from which, entered the magic code that nullified my writing document.  It was meant to be, I suppose.

But yes, I think what I was writing about was more or less about the immense stress I've been under trying to get all my assignments in on time.  It's been challenging, but at the same time, I've been feeling alright about things.  I know me, and I work best with a fire lit underneath me.

I'm looking forward to next semester in school as well.  I'm taking art and music courses, so this will be an interesting transition from intellectual to artistic.  I'm ready for a change though; fiending for it!