Artistry in an age of conflict

Here's someone who I look up to.  Of course, it's Saturday morning, and I'm still waking up, boiling some water for tea, and have about 4 weeks of Health Psychology to review before my exam in a few days.  But I went online to check out what's new in the world of VICE, and came across this interview.

I'd love to meet Molly one day.  I think her passion and understanding of 'art as the message' is beautiful, and I was inspired by her this morning.  I like how she articulates locating herself within her artistry, and how this relates to the message she creates with her work.  Inspired.

My feel that my style is still emerging.  I find myself taking on a multitude of projects, but in the end, all of these shape me, and my style - and at times, they break me.  I like how Molly said it - (abridged version) "You have to work as hard as you can, and when you've reached the point where everything cracks, you will empty everything out that was clichèd about you, something new emerges".  I thought this was a powerful truth.  It makes me realize why I push myself the way I do - and that it's okay to do so.