Do all organizations today require a social media presence?

I think about YouTubers - some of whom I tune-in to their content on a daily - that have built their livelihoods on creating content that is, simply at the end of the day, entertaining.  Sure, it might be complete garbage from an intellectual standpoint, but ultimately, people are watching/engaging with their content, and businesses/organizations recognize this and love it - and want to benefit from it.  For example, it's always interesting to watch vlog episode from Casey Neistat and all the cool and interesting things that companies sent him in his mail time segments.

Today, where everyone and their grandmother has at least one (most with many) social media (SM) profiles online, we might wonder what the point of it all is.  It can certainly, at times, be a rather overwhelming experience.  Yes, people can check-up on you to see what you're up to.  They can also communicate with you directly on SM, rather than have to call or text you on a 'private' line.  It seems like we forget that privacy, social media, and online data collection are in a perpetual, endemic discourse with one another - seemingly, they don't see eye-to-eye.

But, all this does not take away from the fact that society is engaging with a diverse set of platforms on SM on the daily basis, and organizations are certainly taking note.  In order to engage with your audience, you certainly will want to meet them where they congregate.  This has never been more true for SM, as we are being influenced with advertisements and algorithms coming from organizations on a daily (maybe even hourly) basis - whether we are conscientious of it or not.  In order to stay present in the global discussion and communications with your audience, all organizations must have some form of social media presence.  Otherwise, they become irrelevant (virtually non-existent), and even so, people might not even know HOW to engage with those businesses/organizations outside of a social media context, as getting to know an organization through its social media has truly become the normative approach.

I think about my decision to have sushi for dinner last night.  What did I do? - I went online (Tripadvisor, specifically), so see which restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie had the best public reviews.  I didn't call them, I didn't even review their menu first.  All I really cared about was what, socially, people were saying about the restaurant.  That whole process, albeit super introverted, makes a powerful claim to how we function in the social media age.  Did I mentioned I do this exclusively with hotels I book to stay at, too?  It's interesting to reflect how influenced I am on from the opinions found social media - maybe even a little scary!