Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.
— Miles Davis

As avid musician, I tend to play a bit of everything.  I've been noted to be somewhat of an 'idiot savant'.  I have a background in Western classical music, flamenco guitar, electronic music, and traditional Indigenous singing and drumming.  Here's a few videos and audio clips as examples:

Purple Spirit Drum at Munsee-Delaware First Nation.  The song we are singing is an honour song that gives that for all the wisdom that our elders give us.  This song actually came from this drum, and we've been sharing this with other drum groups to use as part of their medicine songs.  It's a beautiful feeling being able to share these gifts with people from far and wide.

At Indigenous Graduation Cermony (2014) - Western University.  We were invited in to sing an opening honour song to open the ceremony.  This was one of our first public performances, and we were proud to sing the American Indian Movement (AIM) song to show solidarity and strength for our graduating students.

A short excerpt of one of the most prominent forms of Flamenco music.  I am fond of this kind of music, but I've never really understood why.  I took lessons in this for about a year in my adolescence, and for whatever reason, it just clicked with me.  The style and timbre of flamenco is highly syncopated (like jazz), and I really enjoy all the passion that goes into the performance of this style of music.

An oldie', but a goodie.  This is a Cree Round Dance song that has been around for many, many years.  I'm not sure anyone really knows who originally made this song, but it has certainly captured the hearts of millions of people since its creation.  It's one of my favourites to sing and dance to, and will always put a smile on my face.  The elders like it too, probably because it's so familiar.